A Centurion Crossroad

Review of 2018 for the Sens so far and whether they should tank or push for the playoffs.

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A Sens New Years Wishlist

2018 has arrived and it has been a roller coaster of a year for the Ottawa Senators and  fans. Many good things happened this year and some not so great. Since it is the new year I decided to make a little resolution/wish list for Sens fans

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Ottawa Senators Weekly Review: Week 1

Warning, this following article will mention Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final. Viewer Discretion is advised This offseason has been especially tough for Sens fans. I don’t know about you, but during the summer, sometimes when I closed my eyes, I could see Chris Kunitz’s shot going over Anderson’s shoulder, and then the Penguins […]

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Rebrand or Promotion?

  It has been a very busy and confusing offseason in the nation’s capital. This off-season the Ottawa Senators have been apparently rebranding their logo without actually acknowledging it to the fans. On the official website, the Sens changed their logo to the “O” everywhere, including the schedule and logo on the ice for the […]

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