Stop Making Sens? Ottawa’s Jersey Journey

A look throughout Ottawa’s interesting and somewhat questionable jersey history

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The departure of Ryan Lindley and Drew Tate make the REDBLACKS face a massive hurtle coming into the 2018 season: Quarterbacks. Harris is the only QB on the team with a substantial amount of CFL experience but even he still has a few things to work on. I feel like having Burris there one more […]

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Essay on the Eugene Melnyk Hellhole

English Essay written on the Melnyk Saga going on in Ottawa #MelnykOut

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Franchise Turning Point

According to various reports, teams such as Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, and Nashville, to name a few, have been involved in legitimate talks with the team about acquiring the services of Erik Karlsson

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So long Phanuef… I guess

After almost exactly two years, Dion Phaneuf is leaving the Sens.

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The Road Less Traveled

This article was written back when the Sens signed Dido. It was never posted but it talks about his story and the difficult journey he took to get the NHL  

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Number Crunch

The Sens made headlines sending Dion Phaneuf and Nate Thompson to the Kings in exchange for Marian Gaborik and Nick Shore.

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