The Ottawa Senators are expected to have a new owner soon, as bidding is currently underway. Here is a look at some of the potential new owners of the Senators. 

Remington Group/Ryan Reynolds

The Remington group are Toronto area real-estate developers who recently built what they have called “Downtown Markham.” The company is run by the billionaire Bratty family with Rudy Bratty as the CEO. The company does not have a history in the sports industry so they might not be as involved in the hockey operations as Melnyk was. However, as a development group they would possibly be well equipped to build a new arena at LeBreton Flats or another location. 

The Remington group is the group that Ryan Reynolds has chosen to align himself with. This is a sign that they are a serious bidder and might give them an advantage even over higher bidders due to the attention and new fans that Reynolds would be able to bring to the team. Reynolds is not only popular due to his acting career, starring in Deadpool and many other movies, but is also popular for the attention he brings to Canada and his charitable endeavors. We saw this during the pandemic when Reynolds posed as an intern on Twitter for Ottawa Public Health. With the attention that Reynolds was able to bring to the Welsh soccer team Wrexham FC and the attention he has already brought to the Senators by just attending a couple of games it is clear that he would be able to bring the team to a level of popularity outside of Ottawa that the Senators have never had before. 

Neko Sparks/Dwayne Johnson

Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Neko Sparks would be the first Black owner in NHL history. Currently the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets who are owned by Micheal Jordan are the only major North American sports franchise to have a Black owner. 

Sparks is the founder and chief technology officer of Pixel Lime, an AI and immersive technology company. Sparks has also been involved as a producer and writer for several movies and TV series.

Sparks has connections in Hollywood and has reportedly been able to bring in Dwayne “the Rock”  Johnson to his bidding group. The Rock is not Canadian, but like Reynolds, he would be able to bring a large following to the Senators outside of Ottawa. Johnson has been involved with multiple different sports and leagues throughout his career. He had a brief stint on the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders in 1995, had a career as a professional wrestler and is currently an owner of the XFL. The Rock first showed interest in the NHL by making a surprise appearance at the Maple Leafs’ home opener earlier this season. 

First Nations Group

A First nations group is also in the running to buy the team although there are not many details about who is involved with this bid. We do know that the Algonquin of Ontario who have land claims over the LeBreton flats land are involved. 

Micheal Andlauer

Micheal Andlauer is a Toronto businessman involved in the transportation and healthcare industries. Andlauer is the owner of the OHLs Hamilton Bulldogs and is a minority owner of the Montreal Canadiens. Andlauer’s experience in owning hockey teams could mean he will be very involved with the hockey operations and decision making.  

Rocco Tullio/Steve Apostolopoulos

Rocco Tullio owns Windsor based land development company Rock Developments and is also the owner of the OHLs Oshawa Generals. It was reported that Tullio was originally going to join Andlauer’s bidding group but has instead launched his own bid and partnered with Steve Apostolopoulous. 

Apostolopoulos is a Canadian billionaire who was in discussions to buy the Charlotte Hornets from Micheal Jordan, but is now focused on bidding for the NFLs Washington Commanders as well as the Senators. 

Jeffery and Micheal Kimel 

Jeffery and Micheal Kimel are brothers who own the Toronto-based private equity firm Harlo entertainment. The Kimel’s have previously owned a minority stake in the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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