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Should the Sens trade for Lafrenière? Ft. Craig Button

After the NHL’s play-in round concluded, the phase two lottery was finally completed and the New York Rangers won the rights to the first overall pick. This will most likely result in the Rangers selecting consensus top prospect, Alexis Lafrenière. With the plethora of… Continue Reading “Should the Sens trade for Lafrenière? Ft. Craig Button”

5 Best first round picks in Senators’ history

Take a trip down memory lane with the 5 best first round picks in franchise history!

Episode 17: Interview with 67s Head Coach Andre Tourigny

In this week’s episode Cameron, Eddie and Frankie interview Ottawa 67’s head coach Andre Tourigny. They discuss Team Canada, next season’s expectations as well as top prospects Marco Rossi and Jack Quinn.

Drafts in review part 3

The 2017 draft has had its ups and downs for the team. However, they are relying heavily on two potential game changers from this draft class.