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2020 NHL Mock Draft

There is still plenty of hockey to go before we start talking about the NHL draft in June, but it’s never too early to start putting together mock drafts! I have simulated the draft lottery 100 times using http://www.tankathon.com/nhl and have compiled everything into… Continue Reading “2020 NHL Mock Draft”

Episode 4: Superbowl Bound

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4LndVn7U2ywcwzcUForiOk?si=YHSVUO5ySDy78Z0qcoMj6g Click Here To Listen On Apple Music!

Episode 3: Choke City Blues

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7rn0E55rZ0znENfJVv4Dtq?si=oTw3xetfR7WUh-7WQ9JobA Click Here To Listen On Apple Music!

Drafts in Review Part 1

We are kick starting a brand new series where we look back at previous drafts and see what is and what could have been for the Sens! Here is the first post!

Sens Offseason Report Card

The Offseason is officially over. Here is how we think the Sens did.

Sens’ Prospect Pyramid 3.0

This article is sponsored by Swithings.com Use the code “613” for 20% off your next purchase. (See below for more details) After an extended hiatus, the 613 Sports Prospect Pyramid is officially making its return. Since the last installment of this series, many of… Continue Reading “Sens’ Prospect Pyramid 3.0”

Bye Duchene Already!?


Addressing the Melnyk Statement

Our thoughts on the Melnyk Statement released the other day

Ottawa Senators Mid-Season Review

My take on this burning pile of trash we call the Ottawa Senators

Sens New Years Wish list 2019

A list of things fans want the Sens to do in 2019 and what will most likely happen