2018 has arrived and it has been a roller coaster of a year for the Ottawa Senators and  fans. Many good things happened this year and some not so great. Since it is the new year I decided to make a little resolution/wish list for Sens fans and then I will try to predict what will actually happen. This is my personal opinion. I am not speaking on behalf of all Sens fans, don’t jump at me in the comments please lol.

A Sens fan resolution

  • Tank and win the lottery
  • Draft Dhalin
  • Re-sign Karlsson and other players in need of re-signing
  • Get rid of all bad contracts (Ryan, Phaneuf, Burrows etc…)
  • Fire Sale all the administration team (Get rid of Owner, Management, Coach)
  • Redesign our jerseys and finalize Lebreton Flats movement
  • Reform the team around the younger players (White, Brown, Chabot etc… younger goalies if needed)
  • Matt Duchene to start performing like we expected him to
  • Start the season strong (Just like Toronto right now)
  • End the year in the Presidents Trophy race

A realistic point of view of what will happen

  • Sens will stay around the bottom of the table
  • Get 2nd or 3rd in the draft lottery and draft a high end prospect (Perhaps Tkachuk)
  • Will fire Boucher, Melnyk will stay and so will Dorion
  • Lebreton talks will continue but nothing will be finalized yet
  • New jersey design will happen
  • Karlsson will be re-signed
  • A top player will be traded (Hoffman or Brassard or someone else)
  • New coach will be hired, Sens will start playing how they are supposed to (based on the players they have and their skill level)
  • Will have a solid start to the season and will end the year in a playoff spot

So did I miss anything? What do you think will happen in 2018? Don’t forget to check us out on our Facebook and Twitter


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