2018 has arrived and it has been a roller coaster of a year for the Ottawa Senators and  fans. Many good things happened this year and some not so great. Since it is the new year I decided to make a little resolution/wish list for Sens fans and then I will try to predict what will actually happen. This is my personal opinion. I am not speaking on behalf of all Sens fans, don’t jump at me in the comments please lol.

A Sens fan resolution

  • Tank and win the lottery
  • Draft Dhalin
  • Re-sign Karlsson and other players in need of re-signing
  • Get rid of all bad contracts (Ryan, Phaneuf, Burrows etc…)
  • Fire Sale all the administration team (Get rid of Owner, Management, Coach)
  • Redesign our jerseys and finalize Lebreton Flats movement
  • Reform the team around the younger players (White, Brown, Chabot etc… younger goalies if needed)
  • Matt Duchene to start performing like we expected him to
  • Start the season strong (Just like Toronto right now)
  • End the year in the Presidents Trophy race

A realistic point of view of what will happen

  • Sens will stay around the bottom of the table
  • Get 2nd or 3rd in the draft lottery and draft a high end prospect (Perhaps Tkachuk)
  • Will fire Boucher, Melnyk will stay and so will Dorion
  • Lebreton talks will continue but nothing will be finalized yet
  • New jersey design will happen
  • Karlsson will be re-signed
  • A top player will be traded (Hoffman or Brassard or someone else)
  • New coach will be hired, Sens will start playing how they are supposed to (based on the players they have and their skill level)
  • Will have a solid start to the season and will end the year in a playoff spot

So did I miss anything? What do you think will happen in 2018? Don’t forget to check us out on our Facebook and Twitter

By edbenhin

Huge sports fan in general and university student. Started this blog back in high school with Cam Chaddad! Teams I cheer for outside of Ottawa are the Arizona Coyotes (Shhhhh), Arsenal FC (#KroenkeOut) and the New England Patriots (6 rings baby). My so called main expertise is on the Sens and Fury so you will see me tweeting a bunch about them on @613_Sports. I'm always looking to improve this blog so feel free to shoot me advice and tips.

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