Good riddance, 2018 is over. For most Sens fans, this has probably been the worst year for the Sens that fans have probably ever seen. We lost many players, our owner is screwing over the team and we generally suck. How much do we suck? Well we ended 2018 off with a loss and if one checks the standings, we are in fact dead last.

Last year I made a Sens New Years Wish List 2018 which can be found here. On there I had written down what Sens fans wanted as well as what I thought was realistically going to happen. And if one checks it right now, boy were we wrong. Anyway I am going to do the same thing here and hopefully this time we are right. This list is made from Sens fans lists on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

A Sens Fan Resolution:

  • Sign Duchene and Stone
  • Firesale the whole Organization (Fire Dorion and Boucher and hire new ones)
  • Trade Ceci
  • Get Lebreton Deal Done
  • Stop trading players that end up back in our Division
  • New Jersey Design
  • Name a Captain
  • Finish 2019 off in a playoff spot
  • Don’t give Colorado a good pick
  • Did we mention Bye Bye Melnyk?

A realistic point of view of what will happen (MY OWN OPINION)

  • First of all Melnyk and Dorion are going nowhere unless league steps in
  • Only one of Duchene and Stone will be signed
  • Ceci will remain on the team and may be named Captain
  • Lebreton Arena will reach agreement without Melnyk
  • Ryan will be gone
  • Chabot and the rest of the youth will really step up
  • Avalanche get our First Overall Pick
  • Will finish 2019 out of a playoff spot

So did I miss anything? What do you think will happen in 2018? Don’t forget to check us out on our Facebook and Twitter as well if you want to see us write about other Ottawa Sports or you want to write for us in 2019 you can Contact us here!



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