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Thank you Craig Anderson

Ottawa Senators have decided to part ways with 10-year goaltender Craig Anderson.

Should the Sens trade for Lafrenière? Ft. Craig Button

After the NHL’s play-in round concluded, the phase two lottery was finally completed and the New York Rangers won the rights to the first overall pick. This will most likely result in the Rangers selecting consensus top prospect, Alexis Lafrenière. With the plethora of… Continue Reading “Should the Sens trade for Lafrenière? Ft. Craig Button”

Return to play Highlight Showdown

Senators numbers through the years Pt 3

Welcome back to part 3 of this mini quarantine series. Last article we went through numbers 26-50. This week we will be going through numbers 51-75. *Note* Total games played, Total Wins and Total points are for regular season only* Number 51 Numbers like… Continue Reading “Senators numbers through the years Pt 3”

NHL 2020 Play-In Challenge

2020 Playoffs in the eyes of a Sens fan

Header: TSN.ca Well Sens fans, for the third straight season, your Ottawa Senators have missed the playoffs. Even with 24 teams making the playoffs this year due to unprecedented circumstances, Ottawa will be one of the 7 teams not competing for the Stanley Cup.… Continue Reading “2020 Playoffs in the eyes of a Sens fan”

5 Best first round picks in Senators’ history

Take a trip down memory lane with the 5 best first round picks in franchise history!

Top 5 Worst first-round draft picks in Senators’ History

The week that Sens fans have been waiting for since October has finally arrived. The NHL 2020 Draft Lottery will be taking place on Friday and the Ottawa Senators have 3 first-round picks, 2 of them sitting currently at 2nd and 3rd. Sens fans… Continue Reading “Top 5 Worst first-round draft picks in Senators’ History”

Episode 18: The Return of Sports

In this week’s episode Cameron and Eddie discuss the various formats leagues are taking for their return to play formats!

2019-20 Senators’ forward report card

The 2019-20 season was cut short for the Senators. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t re-visit how the team performed this past year. Let’s start with the forwards!