Ottawa has a baseball team…. again. After the Ottawa Champions disbanded, many wondered if Ottawa would get another chance at a professional team. That question was answered on Thursday, December 3rd when the Ottawa Titans were announced as the newest team in the Frontier League.

The Frontier League founded in 1993 is currently the oldest independent league in the United States and in 2020 became an official Major League Baseball (MLB) Partner League. There are currently 14 teams in the league with Ottawa becoming the 15th. These 15 teams are separated into two divisions; the Midwestern Division and the Can-Am Division (Ottawa Champion’s fans will be familiar with the teams here).

The Titans logo follows the historic colour scheme of their fellow Ottawa sports teams. The giant red Titan standing behind the Ottawa skyline is a unique logo that should make a ‘hit’ in the league. The secondary logo can be found on the baseball cap which is an O and a T.

Frontier League introduces Ottawa Titans – SportsLogos.Net News

The Titans are Ottawa’s 5th baseball team. However, for the first time since the Lynx, it appears that they are in a very stable league, meaning that this team should be here to stay. Ottawa has a market for baseball and many people were devastated once the Ottawa Champions folded. These same people didn’t have to wait long and will now hopefully be able to fill RCGT park in the summer of 2021.

Season tickets will be released early in the new year. Information can be found:

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