These are unprecedented times right now. First of all, everyone at 613 Sports is hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy! The CPL was scheduled to start April 18th and Atlético Ottawa fans were looking forward to supporting their new team. However, due to the Coronavirus, the CPL will not be starting for a while. This does not mean that fans should let go of the hype, however. The CPL has created a new eSports tournament called eCPL Home To Play Tournament

Every Friday from April 3rd to April 24th, one player from each team will team up with one of Canada’s top FIFA 20 players and face other teams in a knockout style tournament. The winner of each week will advance to the eCPL Home to Play finals on April 24. One week has already passed in this tournament and lo and behold Malyk Hamilton and Agit Katilmis brought home the Week 1 championship for Atletico Ottawa.

Week 1 Bracket

This week, Malyk and Agit will face HFX Wanderers in the first round as they attempt to win back to back weeks. 

Atlético Ottawa fans, let’s show that we truly are the best fanbase in the CPL. A lot of people are bored at home with no sports to watch right now. This tournament is a perfect solution. Why not spend a Friday evening chatting with fellow Atlético and CPL fans while watching your team play in a fun tournament. It’s a great way to get to know Malyk and the other athletes from opposing teams. 

Make sure to tune in this Friday at 6pm on Twitch ( to see Atlético Ottawa face HFX Wanderers. As well, today April 7th at 7 P.M, Malyk Hamilton will be training for this week’s tournament live on Twitch. One can reply to Atletico Ottawa’s tweet with their PS4 Gamertag for a chance to play against Malyk on stream. Even if you don’t want to play, come join us in the chat and let’s have an evening dedicated to some football!

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