It seems as if every member of #RNation and their dog has been taking to social media and sharing their displeasure with the coaching staff, the general manager and the players, but the truth of the matter is that there is no magic wand to be waved to fix the mess that is the REDBLACKS. While fans are justified in their frustrations with the team, it is unfair to expect moves to be made to help things this season.

Every fan has their thoughts about who should be fired, who the team should hire, and what players need to be signed or released, but we don’t always consider the future of the team when we have these ideas. The truth of the matter is that we as fans don’t always know best, and this isn’t meant to be a jab at the fan base, especially considering I am certainly a member of #RNation, but the point of this is just to say let’s take a step back and calm down a little. There is no star QB or WR coming in today, there is no offensive coordinator coming in to fix the offense today, and neither Rick Campbell or Marcel Desjardins will be getting fired today. The focus needs to be on the future of the REDBLACKS, as the season is unfortunately lost.

The fan base is certainly passionate, and that’s a good thing. People still care despite the attendance declining and empty seats being present for the first time in the teams history, but Ottawa still very much so cares about our REDBLACKS. For this reason alone, Marcel Desjardins needs to figure this thing out, but he won’t be able to do that until the off-season.

With the off-season in mind, what are some of the things the REDBLACKS need to do to become the Grey Cup contenders they have been for the last 4 years?

Places to improve upon

The REDBLACKS certainly have many things they need to fix going into next season and it is going to be important to identify those positions.

QB: Obviously the Dominique Davis experiment was a miserable failure and Jennings hasn’t looked quite like his 2016 self, leaving the REDBLACKS in a terrible spot that no CFL team ever wants to be in. With the CFL game focusing in the passing plays so often, not having a reliable QB is a death sentence for any team. I was a believer in the Davis/Jennings combo, but now I am a believer in the idea of signing one of the FA QBs this off-season.

WR: One of the biggest problems for the REDBLACKS this season has been lackluster play for the receivers. Nate Behar seems like he is turning that corner to becoming a good wide out for the team, but signing a few good receivers this off-season is going to be very important for the team. Like they did going into year 2, signing a bunch of guys who have plenty of talent can drastically change the team.

DL: The defensive line play has been a problem for the REDBLACKS for what seems like forever. There simply isn’t enough pressure put on the QB on passing plays, and on running plays, it seems like the running back always gets to the second level. Bringing in someone who can disrupt the QB and wrap up s running back would be awesome!

OC: We all know the REDBLACKS need to get an OC. Paopao is just a band aid for the rest of this season, and I don’t want to throw names around right now, but maybe the REDBLACKS should consider bringing back Jason Maas if the Eskimos relive him of his head coaching duties.

If the REDBLACKS can manage to make all of these moves, we could be looking at a drastically different REDBLACKS team going into next season. Don’t lose hope #RNation, continue to support our team, continue to go to games, continue to tweet or post on Facebook or your choice of social media. This will get better, and hopefully soon!

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By FrankieBenvenuti

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2 thoughts on “REDBLACKS Fans Need to be Patient, No Fix Coming”
  1. I just wish you talking heads out there would call a spade a spade, there is only 1 reason this team is where it is and that’s a ridiculously shortsighted decision to blow this team-up. This situation is 100% self-inflicted, and I say shortsighted because if any one of this brain trust team had taken a step back and said …wait a second guys what happens if this thing blows up in our faces? this whole situation could have been avoided. Now the fan base is pissed, their losing fans ( empty seats ) and guess what? now there going to have to go out and sign players for at the very least the same money they let these other players walk away for, and realistically probably more …freakin brilliant !!!!

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