The Ottawa Redblacks have defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and have clinched a division title. This means the Redblacks will go to play straight in the eastern final.

It was a cold and rainy evening in Hamilton. And it seems like this weather really took a toll on Hamilton and its fans. By the fourth quarter, the stadium was all but empty. Hamilton had already conceded defeat. The final score was 30-13.

Trevor Harris and the Ottawa offence has a great showing, executing plays with efficiency and completing passes where it was needed.

Hamilton, on the other hand, looked lifeless. The receivers had a really hard time catching balls, and the defence had very poor coverage for Ottawa’s receivers. Far too often, Sinopoli, Ellingson, and Madu were wide open. Maybe it’s due to the combination of being plagued by injuries, losing Brandon Banks, and the miserable weather. Masoli threw for 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. All of their points came from field goals and a rouge.

I must admit, even as a Redblacks fan, this was a rather boring game to watch. It did have its moments tough, notably this one, a trick play on 3rd & 1:




The Redblacks now have a 10-7 record, and have clinched first in the east, whilst the Tiger-Cats have an 8-9 record, good enough for second place..

I would like to add something in regards to my last article, the prediction for this game. Although I did predict a Hamilton win, my true allegiance lay somewhere else…

The next Redblacks game is on November 2nd, at home against the Toronto Argonauts.


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