Yes, last week was disappointing, but now it’s time to move on. The Redblacks have been thinking about this game for a long time.

Let’s look at the matchup!

Both Ottawa and Hamilton have an 8-7 record, and are both tied for first in the east division. Hamilton won their last two games (BC and Toronto), while Ottawa lost their last two (Winnipeg and Edmonton). This is the first game in a home and home series against Hamilton. These two crucial games will most likely determine who takes the crown in the east (and most importantly, the first round bye in the playoffs). This is about as high the stakes go for a regular-season game.

According to many analysts, the Tiger-Cats are the best team in the league on paper. The same doesn’t hold true on turf. From what I’ve seen, their playing has been very consistent, albeit average, much like Masoli, who for the life of me cannot understand why he is being praised as an elite quarterback so soon. He’s very good, absolutely, but not nearly to the level he is being brought up to be by the CFL writers. I’ll wait a year or two before I consider him elite. In the meantime, the Redblacks will have to figure out how he can stop his offensive production.

Ottawa has looked like grey cup contenders at some points, and like the Argonauts the other. Just because the Redblacks have lost their two last games, does not mean they’re a bad team. It’s a coin flip on which team will show up.

The CFL writers have decided to bet on Hamilton this week. The fans on CFL Pick’em are mostly split, but giving the advantage to the Redblacks.

I’m guessing an Ottawa win, and an offensive shootout. The Redblacks haven’t lost more than two in a row during the season, and I don’t think they’ll break that habit this week. They’re gone out of their funk, and they’ll be coming out in force. It’s not a one-way battle.

And one more thing, The Redblacks tend to win big when people doubt them…


OUTCOME: OTTAWA wins 35-31


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