The last 2 weeks we saw a hot and cold team as the REDBLACKS traveled 2 hours east for a week 4 faceoff with the Alouettes to right the wrongs of the week prior and in week 5 back at home for round 2 against the BLACKREDS from Cowtown.

Vs Montreal the plan went off without a hitch for the most part. Rnation was there in full force and it was a beautiful day. The Alouettes fresh off a very shaky win vs Saskatchewan in week 3 were trying to ride that momentum but n the opening drive for Ottawa it was former Alouette J.C. Beaulieu who caught a beauty 47 yard TD pass from Harris to draw first blood but the REDBLACKS would fail to get the 2 pointer so 6-0 after the first drive for Ottawa. Montreal would answer back to make it 7-6 still in the first the Als would put up a single and Ottawa would kick for 3 having a score of 9-8 after one.

In the second they trade a few scoreless drives before Sinopoli would haul in a 37 yarder for his first TD of the year and Beaulieu would get the 2 pointer to make it 17-8 in the 2nd. Ottawa would halt Montreal on their next attempt and capitalize with Harris’s 3rd TD pass of the game to Thomas and a Powell run on the 2 point to make it 25-8 before the end of the half.

The 3rd was quiet as the both team’s defenses took over only allowing 3 points of a Ward field goal to make it 28-8

The Alouettes would score a major early in the 4th to make it 28-15 and again a field goal on the next drive pull within 10 but after that Ottawa’s defense locked down to close it out.

Overall a great played game by Ottawa with some highlights being Harris thowing for 342 yards and 3 TD’s. Powell popped off with a 138 yard night on the ground but no touchdowns other than a 2 point capper. Sinopoli had a night with a carrer high 11 reception night for 148 yards and a TD as well as Noel Thomas getting his first CFL TD. The defense only allowed 323 yards in total and 43 yards on the ground no turnovers to speak of but they did record 3 sacks with 2 coming from Wakefield and 1 from Klassen. Geting the most tackles was also Wakefield with 5.

The next game back at home however would be another story which indicates 2 things: Either Calgary is that good or is Ottawa going to slink into the standard East is mediocre narrative we hear every year? Well on Canadian Armed Forces night the REDBLACKS failed to score a single TD vs the BLACKREDS. (STOP WEARING THE BLACK HELMET CLAGARY)

The first quarter saw only 9 offensive plays going 2 and out all 3 times they had the ball getting 13 yards in total while Calgary went 2 and out only once. Calgary also got a TD on a long extended drive going 79 yards and getting the 2 point attempt. Totaling in the 1st Calgary got 118 yards and 8 points while Ottawa had 13 yards total and no points.

The second quarter would be more of the same if not worse. Another 2 and out followed by 2 straight INTs off 4 plays Ottawa finally got a first down just after the 3 minute warning but would squander that chance and would punt it back to Calgary. Davis would go in after getting the ball back 3 plays before the end of the half but would produce nothing. Calgary would in this quarter score 12 points (A TD and failed 2 point conversion plus 2 field goals to make it 20-0 after 2.

Ottawa would come out in the 3rd flying with Harris back under center going 83 yards down field before staling out on the Calgary 4 and settling for the only 3 points Ottawa would get this game making it 20-3. On a good note Calgary would get no points and 42 yards.

If the 3rd showed some hope the 4th would show none. After getting a roughing the passer call Harris would throw it stupidly to Powell 4 yards behind the line and get stuffed where the REDBLACKS Punted. This was the last time Harris was in as Davis would go in for one play after a Calgary TD and fumble. Calgary kicker Paredes would dink it off the left pipe missing the field goal and Davis would go in for another 2 under center but get sacked. The D would stop Calgary one more time before Danny Collins getting his chance throwing 41 yards and running for 12 but ultimately throw a pick to seal the game. He did get the tackle on the play so good hustle.

This game was ugly to watch when Ottawa had the ball. There isn’t much else to say other than that. 93 yards for Harris. No TDs 2 INT’s hardly any throws to either Ellingson or Sinopoli though the Offensive line didn’t help much either giving up 4 sacks. Powell only got 17 yards after having such a great game the week before. Defensively they did all they could do. With no help offensively all the defense could do was hold Calgary to as little as a score as possible and that’s kinda hard when you have Bo Levi Mitchell popping off and one of the best offenses in Canadian football history on the other side of the ball starring you down and this is with Ottawa getting Dirty Bird back. Sadly it wasn’t enough. Ottawa really needs to sit Harris down and re group with him or sit him down for a game. On the bright side Ottawa no longer has to face Calgary again this season though if the REDBLACKS straighten up then we could see round 3 in Edmonton this November.

Next week Ottawa is back at home on Friday vs the BC Lions who came off a come from behind victory vs Winnipeg in week 5.




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