Our beloved city is suffering from what I like to call #IsItOctoberYet syndrome. Symptoms of this fever include: breaking down crying whenever someone mentions the Sens; being in denial that the sens season is over and also turning into the Hulk whenever the Penguins are mentioned. This fever is especially impacting the Sens twitterverse. For example take a look at @brian5or6’s tweet:


However there is a cure to this terrible sickness! The cure is to shift your focus to another local sports team! That’s right, I’m talking about our Grey Cup Champions, your Otawaaaaaaa Reeeeeeedblacks!

The Ottawa Redblacks start their preseason Thursday June 8 versus the rival Hamilton Tigercats. Now to refresh everyone’s memory, here is a little recap:

The Redblacks finished first in the East Division with an 8-9-1 record. This was the first time in CFL history that a team finished first with a losing record. Since they came first, they gained a by to the Eastern Division Final where they faced the big bad Edmonton Eskimos in the typical Ottawa snow. The hometown boys came out of the game with a 35-23 win. This put the Redblacks in the Grey Cup Final for the second year in a row. The Grey Cup final was an exciting match with the Redblacks taking the lead multiple times. However the Calgary Stampeders eventually tied up the game in the fourth quarter, meaning Overtime was needed. The Ottawa Redblacks elected to go first and their decision earned them a touchdown through Ernest Jackson’s bobbling catch. It was then Calgary’s turn and they needed a touchdown to keep the game running. Their first play was a long bomb to the Endzone which ended up incomplete, their second play was a quick short pass which was also incomplete. This left the final down. If Calgary did not complete the pass, Ottawa would be Grey Cup champions! Mitchell snapped the ball and looked down the field and launched it……. INCOMPLETE!!!! And the Redblacks won the Grey Cup!

The Redblacks finally brought a championship to Ottawa. Now it’s our turn to pay them back! Preseason kicks off soon, so let’s show them our support now and for the rest of the season. We will be doing some player profiles throughout the preseason to get you ready for the Redblacks bid at becoming repeat champions!

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